Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chemical Engineering, Wilsdorf, Matierals, WC

Three of these buildings have never had their rooftops debuted on this blog before (only the attic of Wilsdorf was shown once on here last year). The WC has been shown before, but this was my first time taking pictures of it with my own (somewhat new) camera. The convenient thing about Chem-E, Wilsdorf, and Matierals Science is that they are all connected by these walkways, which means one can just walk across the roof of the walkways to get from roof to roof.

As always, click to enlarge:

I don't think this sign had anything to do with this particular door. Perhaps it was stuck back here in storage, but it happened to be pointing to a locked door which was rather funny. This picture, and the one below of the nitrogen, were actually taken in Gilmer