Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Winter Files

Below is a collection of wintery pics, although not all of them contain snow. Locations range from the Lawn, Alderman, the Chemistry Building, and Downtown Charlottesville. I would have liked to capture the view of the whole city from somewhere high like the hospital roofs or something higher, but this was not possible for a number of reasons.

Oh, one more thing. I finally bought a camera. This is the first posting (excepting the one of Europe) in which the pictures come from a camera I own. This blog has come a long way....from taking pictures with a broken cellphone in the early days, to borrowing random cameras, and now to finally having a camera. (it's a lumix dmc-zs3 by the way...nothing amazing, but good for the price range.)

Click on pictures to ENLARGE:

this happened by accident, but it looks cool.


Anonymous said...

what kind of camera do you have?

Anonymous said...

I was also wondering this. You've got some awesome low-light shots- my images would be very noisy at an ISO high enough to kill the handshake